Best Nightclubs in Piccadilly

A nightclub (also known as a discothèque, disco, dance club or club) is an entertainment venue that usually operates late into the night. A nightclub is generally distinguished from  bars,  pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music. The busiest nights for a nightclub are Friday and Saturday night. The term “common prostitution “came into being in 1824, this was considered an Act of Vagrancy and subject to prosecution. So prostitutes were targeted in the eyes of the law, behaving in an indecent manner in public could lead to a fine and even imprisonment. But London was the place to be in this particular industry, clients were always available, whereas elsewhere they may not have been. Stunning London Escorts nowadays, have the freedom to move and are briefed regarding the current laws. Hare are some nightclubs and escorts details given below:

Zoo Bar & Club:-

Zoo Bar is London’s world famous, sports-mad party bar and club with the liveliest, biggest and best party in town! Skewed towards the darker side of retro, Zoo Bar has an eclectic mix of décor providing the perfect backdrop to any night out. Spread over 2 floors with 3 rooms & 4 bars playing a wide variety of music all night to accommodate all tastes, we can cater for any event. If there’s a game on, we’ll be showing it on 4 large projection screens & 26 Plasmas spread throughout the venue to ensure you don’t miss a second of the action! Call our team, plan your night and enjoy our loud, quirky & original offerings.


The underground 455 capacity club has been a Central party location for over 25 years. Hosting 2 large bars, large dance floor and a variety of events Bar Rumba is your ideal party place! Rumba is hire for event needs whether you need a venue for a club night, birthday, stag/hen party, networking event, film/photo shoot, product launch or showcase.


The Cuckoo Club:-

The Cuckoo Club, now a late night institution on the Mayfair/Soho border, has always been a luxuriously quirky space where contemporary and traditional design is mixed cleverly to create a very special and versatile environment for any occasion be it intimate clubbing, live music or all manner of celebrations and events. Etc.



Piccadilly Circus is a major road and junction in London. It connects Regent Street to Piccadilly’s very own shopping streets. The circus takes you to the many attractions of London like the many theatres over at the Shaftesbury Avenue. It also leads you towards Haymarket, Glasshouse Street, Leicester Square, and Coventry Street. Very close to the West End, Piccadilly Circus takes you to London’s high end entertainment and shopping areas. With that being the case, you can expect Piccadilly Circus to be a very busy intersection as well as a primary tourist attraction here in London.


Whether you’re looking for a place for a quiet drink or a place to party hard, we’ll be able to get you on the guestlist or book you a VIP table at a bar & night club in Piccadilly Circus.

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Best Casino in London

In modern English, a casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. The industry that deals in casinos is called the gaming industry. Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships or other tourist attractions. Customers gamble by playing games of chance, in some cases with an element of skill, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker. Most games played have mathematically determined odds that ensure the house has at all times an overall advantage over the players. Hare are some casino in London such as:-

The Casino at the Empire  

London’s largest casino opened after a long closure and amid much fanfare (if you were walking past Leicester Square one day in June 2007 you would have heard the loud speaker warming up the punters). In what was the Empire Ballroom, originally an old Victorian music hall, you’ll now find two restaurants, four bars and 30 gaming tables. The glitzy interior is typically Las Vagas – plenty of crystals, mirrors, showgirls and no natural daylight so you never need to know what time of day – or night – it is.


Sportsman Casino  

If you want to end the evening with more cash than when you set out an evening in a London casino could be the answer. For a casual, low-key, city centre choice, the Sportsman is a safe bet. A downstairs sports lounge with state-of-the-art technology including a range of TV screens, provides a chance to watch major sporting events for those wanting respite from the gambling tables. This isn’t the city’s most chic casino but its relaxed members’ policy, regular poker tournaments and Beginners’ Training sessions held on Sunday afternoons make it the perfect choice for weekend visitors – novices and high rollers alike.

Palm Beach Casino

The Palm Beach Casino, exclusive London Mayfair casino and poker club located near a Mayfair Escort Agency. The Palm Beach Casino has a distinctive style and effervescence that creates an atmosphere perfect for a sophisticated night out. The Palm Beach Bar has a stunning contemporary room of 85 covers with Live DJ’s Thursday to Sunday nights ’til late. The Palm Beach Bar & Restaurant has been designed to suit the 24/7 lifestyle of contemporary London.

Grosvenor Casino the Victoria London

The Grosvenor Victoria Casino sits in the heart of London and is one of the longest established casinos in the country. Last year ‘The Vic’ is celebrated its 50th anniversary.  In the sixties it was ‘the casino to visit’ with American junkets flying over to London purely to join in the excitement and to this day, it is still seen as ‘the place to be’ when in London.

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Nightlife in London is Interesting

It’s that infamous nightlife of London that we want you to experience. Known for its clubbing and pubbing venues, London is a city that comes alive by night.

Many visit London for business reasons and others arrive here to experience the city. The reason behind the trip might make a difference to what locations one wants to experience, but there are a few things everyone should experience at least once.

People in London know how to have fun, and they will ensure you as a visitor have it too. No matter how business-like they are during the day, they let their hair down at night.

If you are a foodie, there are places where you can experience global cuisine. If music is what you swear by, there are music scenes that will enthrall you. Those who like to drink will find a plethora of options. One only needs to keep his options open.

Keep some time from your itinerary to explore the nightlife. There’s the East and North. There’s also the West.

Take your pick. If you are running out of time, find one in your area and settle down with your booze.



Libertine Club @ 4, Winsley Street, London, W1W 8HF

You will find a vibrant, club scene and you are sure to have a great time. Their guest list may be full on Friday and Saturday so make your move in advance.

They have a big dance floor, and the DJs are the best in town. Casual smart dressing will do. Make your reservations and head there early to find yourself a comfy place. Gentleman should be ready to part with 20 pounds.


The Mason House @ 8-9 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TF

Modern in looks, they are particular about the music they play. It is gorgeous and looks out for 19th-century furniture, layout.

But you must be on their guest list and make a reservation ahead to ensure your presence. For a real VIP experience, head to Room 33. You must be dressed impeccably if you are to be let in. Some of the best DJ’s play in that room.

It is always full to the brim and ensures a great play of music. Guys need to pay 20 pounds, and women can enter for free if they make it before 11 pm.


CAFE DE PARIS CLUB @ 3-4 Coventry Street, West End, London, W1D 6BL

This place will offer you unparalleled nightclub experience. This is the place for celebrities, and so you can expect a high standard of services. Expect some live entertainment like circus and Burlesque shows and go-go, dancers. You must have reservations in advance. Expect to see busy bees on Fridays and Saturdays. So, get yourself a booking through an agent if required.

DJs and Showgirls will ensure your thirst is quenched.

Ladies who arrive before 11 pm get to enter free. So take your female friend from Kensington Escorts London along and have fun.

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Better Options For Travelling Alone in London

underwearWhether you are a globetrotter or a frequent traveler in London for the business or professional purpose, it would be a foolish decision of travelling in London alone. In fact, a place can be enjoyed to the fullest when you have the right companion. However, it is true that it is not always possible to take travel with your family or fiancé or everyone is not so fortunate to have a partner during the travel time. But London never disappoints its travelers as the city offers the best travel companions for the lonely travelers. When you are in London, go for some escort service provided by different companies so that you never feel boredom during your London days.

Now if you are thinking from where to choose a beautiful and smart lady for accompanying you, you don’t have to search much as London offers a plenty of options. It is always a great thing to be well-informed previously before you choose a
companion. Here are certain things you must know about London while travelling alone:


Escort Service is Legal in London

If you are anxious with the thought whether choosing an escort service in the city of London is legal or not, keep aside all your worries since you are visiting in the capital city in the United Kingdom. London is such a city that takes great care with the comfort and care of its travelers and that’s why choosing High Class London Escorts service during your trip is inevitably legal.


What to Expect

Unless you are not aware of the different services provided by an escort service company, you will be overwhelmed to make a decision. While obtaining the service, it is better to explore different services by the company. At the same time, you should give preference what you are looking for as your companion. Whether you have any obsession about blonde or you are looking for a lady who has expertise in conversation or any other thing, you should figure out at the beginning.


Choose Your Place

There are numerous places to explore in London. And if you are about to choose a beautiful companion, you should also give preferences to the places you wish to explore with her. If you are interested in going to the nightclubs or pubs, you should get knowledge some of the best nightclubs and pubs in London where you can enjoy the company of that stunning lady. And if you are not a party-type guy and want to enjoy some intimate moments in the company of that gorgeous lady, visiting some clubs and hotels can be great options for enjoying the nightlife.


Do You Know. . .

Travelling alone can be monotonous enough that can increase your mental and physical fatigue. In such situation, obtaining one of the best escort services in the city can give you the opportunity to get in touch with some of the most beautiful and appealing women in the world. These women can make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated and this will be the best part of your travelling in London.

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How to be happy while travelling in London alone


Every year, thousands of people come to London for vacation or work. Therefore, an explosion of people can be seen always in the city. While staying in the city, it may not be easy to spent time without a companion. Therefore, you can look at some services at the time of travelling in London alone. A beautiful face always works wonder.

A girl from professional services knows perfectly well how they look when they smile or talk to a person. Therefore, they can easily understand about the requirement of people and acts accordingly to cheer up the mood. Reading a face of a person is a skill that has been learnt by these girls over the years. They may be completely dedicated to you. Some signals can be given by these girls also. if you respond to these signals then they may go ahead with the further action. Delightful games can be played with these girls while travelling in London alone.

In the beginning, they may like to gauge the style that may be liked by you. Due to experience, a lot of time may not be needed by these ladies to know what is liked and disliked by you. Bold decisions are often made by these girls. Therefore, you may be thrilled to spend time with these gorgeous Escorts of London Bridge

Colors of the eyes are often accentuated to mesmerize you completely. During the interaction, you may be lost in their eyes. The flattering figure of these ladies is just amazing. These girls often give importance on their signature appearance. Therefore, a single mishap may not be seen in the process. These girls adapt to the situation quite easily and therefore, you may not ever regret the decision of calling them as you are travelling in London alone.

According to the situation, different kinds of looks can be adorned by these ladies. They can appear in front of you as a party girl, sophisticated lady or just a normal next door girl. A half smile from these ladies is often seen as a sign to go forward with the night. Therefore, you must be giving adequate attention to them. Communication is made with body language and eyes in some occasion too. However, she must be treated with respect always. It is better to prepare for the day adequately. A Clean look is always liked. Therefore, they may give you more attention. Chemistry is created almost instantly.

Graceful walk and talk of the lady is just apt for the night. The sensual tone of the lady may turn you on immediately. The inviting behavior of the lady may be loved without any doubt. Mood can be set by simply sitting on the bed. It is always better to broaden the horizon as much as possible. Playful nature of the lady is liked in most occasions too. By interacting with the people, several things are learnt by these girls that they generally use afterward for a better experience.

The fun of travelling in London alone may be increased in the process without any doubt. Perfect combination of soft and firm attitude is a certain charm of this interaction

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London Nightlife – Where the Party never stops

The city of London is bursting with energy, especially in the night. It is one the few cities in the world that never sleeps. During the night, there are several places that you can visit for a complete enjoyment. A collection of beautiful ladies can be found in these clubs. No other place can be seen in the entire world which may hold similar kind of appeal. Both the bars and clubs are just apt to satisfy your need completely. Loud music may not be seen in every possible clubs. Therefore, you can enjoy the company of gorgeous and beautiful ladies in a secluded corner also. These clubs are filled with interesting people whether it is a weekday or weekends. To avoid stress and tension of life, party animals may be flocking into the club from all corner of the city. Therefore, a fun time can be ensured.


While chilling out with friends, enchanting ladies may approach for a dance. From jazz to hip hops and classic rock music can be listened in these clubs. The charm of the music can be enhanced further with an attractive lady by your side. It is quite hard to keep your eye away from a perfect body of these ladies.

London nightlife can offer something to everybody according to their taste. Sexy blonde beauty may be just perfect as an arm candy in a club. In this way, others can be made jealous. Few drinks and sultry conversation can be enjoyed in the meantime. It can be a perfect remedy for otherwise stressful life. The pressure of work can be elevated from the back in just a minute. Both body and mind can be refreshed for the coming week in the process.

In case you want a rather intimate encounter with the lady then different kind of nightclubs must be chosen for the purpose. Some of London nightclubs come with a special setting for this kind of encounters. So, these clubs can be explored on the occasion for an optimum amount of delight. A unique experience with a stunning lady can be guaranteed with these clubs. Passion and sensation are evoked through the setting of these clubs. It will be much different than your regular bar experience.

According to your preference, a number of ladies can be observed in the clubs along with the websites. By simply calling them, a good evening company can be secured. There is nothing wrong with this setup. It can be considered as an experience of a lifetime also. Ladies may look after your needs and desires adequately. They may be waiting for your orders. Following to an order, your earnest desire may be fulfilled. In case, you are not too experienced with the situation then the way can be led by the ladies. Your pleasures may not be held by any stringent bound as a result. Freedom can be encountered in due course.

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If a night with an enchanting lady has started in the nightclub then it may not have to end there. Further cozy time and entertainment can be ensured by taking her in the comfort a hotel room. So, do you think this idea wonderful or not?

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